Our values

Furniture Factory Premiere founded in Kharkov in 2005. On the basis of the factory produces furniture for home, office, HoReCa, furniture for schools and auditoriums.
The company’s policy is based on three main principles:
Excellent product quality
Environmental Safety
– Social responsibility

Product quality. In production we focus on the global furniture trends and quickly implement innovative technologies. The technical database is constantly updated and improved. All stages of production is accompanied by a multi-stage control system that guarantees the reliability and durability of the products. 

Environmental security. High quality is inextricably linked to environmental and safety issues. Therefore, all materials used in the production of environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and therefore safe for children and pets.
Furniture Factory premiere focuses on the European standards of energy saving, environmental protection and industrial safety. The work of the factory, we introduce an alternative technology “green” energy. For example, space heating is carried out by solid-fuel boilers to biomass. The fuels used are agricultural waste from local farms. For water heating solar collectors are used. All waste from furniture production are sorted and then recycled or disposed of safely.
We are constantly looking for ways to minimize the impact on the environment.
Social responsibility. The success of the factory fully depends on the coordinated work of the staff. In our team we have assembled professionals in their field: proactive people receiving pleasure from making furniture.
As an employer, we provide a safe and comfortable working conditions, higher wages, opportunities for professional growth and development. The factory implemented a corporate program aimed at training and professional development of all employees.
The company carefully monitors compliance with corporate standards in all offices of the factory in Ukraine and Poland.
 Furniture Factory Premiera is socially and environmentally responsible organization, to create an independent and unique brand of furniture.
Our goal is to create high-quality furniture with impeccable functionality and aesthetic ergonomics.