Grand opening of the oldest theater in Berdichev with new auditorium seats

Grand opening of the oldest theater in Berdichev with new auditorium seats

A grand opening of Berdishev Music and Drama theater (Zhytomyr region) took place in January. The newly opened auditorium has 364 seats made by Furniture factory Premiera.

The theater first began work in 1908. This is an important cultural and historical object for Berdichev. In 2015, the capital restoration of the building has begun. The contractors had a difficult task – to install modern furniture and equipment while preserving unique acoustics and important architectural elements in the old historical building. Theater hall has unique elements like natural wood trim, granite steps, Venetian plaster, crystal chandeliers.

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When internal repair works in the auditorium were completed, our specialists have installed seats in the hall and covered them with a protective film.

In October, the theater was visited by Igor Gundich, head of the Zhytomyr Regional Administration. He highly appreciated the quality of the new seats for viewers . Auditorium has received classic theater seats Madrid. It’s frequently used in theaters, opera houses, academic halls.

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A classical theater seat is decorated with armrests made of hardwood. The seats are upholstered in triplex (three-layer) Bordeaux fabric. In addition to the beautiful appearance, the upholstery has fireproof properties (confirmed by European certificates). Any upholstery fabric chosen by the customer can undergo the process of triplexing.

All seats have molded PPU of high density. This material prevents seats from deforming.

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Loggias on balconies do not have enough dimensions to accommodate sections of auditorium seats there. That’s why auditorium chairs Gloria were used instead.

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