Lim Fresh style furniture for the first McDonalds restaurant in Kherson

Lim Fresh style furniture for the first McDonalds restaurant in Kherson

Individual furniture manufacturing for the new McDonalds restaurant

At the end of 2013 in Kherson opened the first institution worldwide fast food chain McDonalds. Supply of upholstered furniture was carried out together with partners factory.


Before us there was a task – to create an original design furniture, corresponding to the new corporate style McDonalds Lim Fresh (other names Lim Extreme or Lim Food). This style is specially designed for French designers of McDonalds. Lim Fresh – it’s bright and fresh natural colors in all elements of the decor, the most of natural light, comfortable furniture.

In place of bright yellow and bright red color came close to natural: cream, terracotta and olive colors. Upholstered furniture for restaurants in Kherson in upholstery made in two basic colors: chocolate brown and cream, which, combined with wooden furniture create a cozy atmosphere.


The area of ​​the restaurant is divided into several areas: the main hall, a terrace, MakKafe. For the main hall for 150 people, made us soft elements for sofas, ottomans and bar stools.

Kherson McDonalds is one of the largest restaurants in Ukraine, a total area of ​​600 sq m. According to the company on a daily basis the institution can take up to 4500 visitors! Therefore, the furniture places with such high traffic has a special strength and durability.